Who are we, and what do we do?

Serving Shasta County families by providing clothes and other children’s items to homes with active foster/resource status, and providing clothing to community members through a 1:1 clothing exchange. We provide clothing for age 0-18.


Drop-off/Donation days will be posted ahead of time. If you have items to donate but cannot attend a drop-off day, please message to set an appointment.
Drop-off will be in a drive-through fashion. Enter the parking lot from the north entrance. Unload at the old flag pole (where the bricks are). Make sure your items are properly labeled (specified below). Exit the parking lot from the south entrance.
Clothing will be counted, sorted, cleaned, and organized by workers and volunteers. Any stained, ripped, or vulgar clothing items will be removed and not considered in the counting process. These items will be disposed of. (Vulgar items include but are not limited to items with profanity.)


ALL items you want credit for MUST have your first and last name as well as your phone number written on an attached piece of paper. This paper MUST be attached to EVERY bag/box that is dropped off for credit. ALL items without designated label will be taken in as a donation (no credit will be rewarded).


You get as many credits as number of useable clothing items dropped off (with proper labeling). If there are 10 pieces of useable clothing, you will get 10 credits to your account to use on Open Closet days.


Any items not properly labeled will be considered donation (specified above).
Other items that can be donated include: hangers; baby bottles; baby blankets; stuffed animals; shoes (gently used); other baby items; re-useable plastic grocery bags; suitcases, duffle bags, or back packs; NEW (Unopened in originally packaging): underwear (of all sizes), toothbrushes, hairbrushes, diapers (of all sizes, can be partial packages), wipes, formula/baby food (sealed and not expired).
Monetary Donations can be made to the locker through the church office during office hours. No monetary donations will be accepted at drop-off days. During open closet days, we can place a donations box out at the check-out table for any monetary donations.


This community locker is supported by Grace Baptist Church but welcomes any volunteers. For volunteering opportunities, please message the page.
Volunteering opportunities include: counting, sorting, cleaning, and organizing clothes after Drop-Off events; set-up/take-down for Open Closet events; traffic directing for Drop-Off events; etc.
Volunteer hours will be recorded by the closet coordinator.
Volunteers that accumulate 3 hours of work or more will be able to come "shop" 1 hour early for an Open Closet day of their choice.

Open Closet Days

1) Check-in at check-in table to receive your “credit” card (index card detailing how many credits you have available).
2) Shop items on racks and boxes for as long as you please.
3) Check- out at check-out table. Check-out personnel will count your items. You can only “purchase” the number of credits you have or less. You do not have use all your credits at one open closet event. They will mark off how many items you “purchased” and inform you of how many credits you currently have left.
Diapers and baby formula will be available at check-out table depending on supply and demand. Diapers and baby formula will be rationed into small “bundles” so more people will be able to receive them.

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