Enrollment Process

Hello parents,
We are actively planning for next school year and want to share a few ways AAP is growing and adjusting. We are adopting a more traditional co-op structure and will no longer go by the name, “Academic Assistance Program.” AAP is more accurately a description of what we offer. Our new name will simply be, “Grace Co-op.” Also, take special notice of the subjects offered, time changes, and new class structures for the 2022/2023 school year. Registration for new families will open April 1st.

Below you’ll see the classes offered next year. Bear in mind the optional P.E. and Electives classes must be registered for separately and will run independently from your enrollment. Electives will be shorter in length to allow more variety. We hope this will provide more diversity for your students and allow them to learn and try different skills throughout the year. Keep in mind elective classes may also require an additional class fee depending on the material needs for each student.

  • 9:00-10:00 Science
  • 10:00-10:15 Break
  • 10:15-11:15 History
  • - END OF DAY -
  • 11:30-12:30 Optional P.E. (Monday) *Separate registration required
  • 11:30-12:30 Optional Electives (Wednesday) *Separate registration required, supply fees may apply.

While we strive to keep our costs as low as possible, we do strive to provide excellence in every aspect of our program. You may pay for your students up front or make four payments toward your total balance. You will be asked to choose a payment option when you register. One way we can provide a more excellent learning experience is by reducing our class sizes. In order to do this we will split the classes into individual grades. Each grade will have a maximum number of students to ensure each class is able to maintain a healthy learning atmosphere. This will also allow more opportunity for parents to volunteer in the classroom and be involved in their student’s educational process.
Cost $300/Student

Class structure:
Pre-School 15 max
Kindergarten 20 max
1st Grade 20 max
2nd Grade 20 max
3rd Grade 20 max
4th Grade 20 max
5th Grade 20 max
Middle School 30 max
High School 30 max

Volunteer requirement: 
Registration for the 22/23 school year will require you to volunteer a total of 8 days (9am-11:30am) in order for your enrollment to be approved. We understand this will be an additional commitment on your part, however, our handbook policy reads: We believe children are a gift from God and that parents are ultimately responsible before Him for the training and education of their children. Our mission is to provide class learning options to parents and assist them in educating their children. Our program is designed to supplement your homeschool.  You will be able to schedule your volunteer days before the school year begins.

Volunteering options:
  • Additional classroom helper
  • Teach an 8 week elective class (Wednesday 11:20am-12:20pm)
  • Infant/toddler childcare (for teachers’ children only)

Step 1 - Enrollment

Please fill out one form your family.

Step 2 - Class Selection

Please fill out one form your family.

Step 3 - Volunteer Options

This step is required. Discounts are offered for those applying to teach or help in a classroom 2 days a week for the entire school year. 
Elective Course Ideas: Photography, wood-shop, archery, painting, vocal instruction, personal finance, college prep, leather work, cooking/baking, foreign language, math tutoring, etc...

Step 4 - Order Curriculum

Each family will be responsible to order their own books before the first day of class. Use the link to compile all the materials you'll need for a successful year. View our class schedule and prepare for classes!

Step 5 - Payment: Please wait to receive an invoice before making a payment.

Once you have completed these steps, your registration is being processed.

Completing the registration process does not guarantee admission. Once you complete the registration process you will receive an admission status update including one of the following decisions.
  • Successful Admission – Your family has successfully completed all aspects of admission and is secured in their enrollment.
  • Pending Admission – The Program Director is reviewing aspects of your registration application and or forms and will notify you. Your admission is pending.
  • Denial of Admission – The Program Director has concerns about your registration and forms and your admission has been denied at this time.
  • Wait List – Your family has successfully completed all aspects of admission and has been added to our waiting list due to full classes.